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Who Am I ?

Mathieu Clavel

Game Designer

It's worth fighting for things we love to do.


My name is Mathieu Clavel. I'm a french Junior Game Designer, 24 years old. I come from Grenoble, France (near the Alps) and after moving in many places, I recently settled in Annecy, in the Alps again.

 It's a long time since I plan to work in the Video Game Industry, and all my studies were dedicated to this goal. I first studied Graphic Design and Communication in Nice, from 2010 to 2013. It's valuable to me, as a Game Designer, to understand communication and be able to use graphic design and visual presentation rules to make one's ideas clear and easy to understand. During these years, I also ran a freelancer identity, Ekilibr, and worked with some societies, making logotypes, websites, CD jackets, or global communication (Conservatoire National de Région de Nice, Akhenaton, Institut Formation et Développement...).

When I got my degree, I left Nice to get a Game Design bachelor in Montpellier, where I discovered Game Jams. I Jammed a lot (and still do), and even won one of them, with a game named "Boby Ultimate Rogue Exterminator 2013 Deluxe"...!

To complete my bachelor, I did a 6 months internship at Cyanide, in Paris. I worked on the game Blood Bowl 2, first as a QA Tester, and then as a Lead QA, doing Game Design and AI Design missions.

My internship ended the 30th of September 2014, so I went back to Nice, to start the G.A.M.E. project.

G.A.M.E. stands for Going After Multicultural Experiences. During one full year, I travelled around the world (New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South America...) with one goal : discover how much the place you live in, the society you've grown with, your culture, influence the way you design games. I was also absolutely convinced that meeting new people, in new places, could help me a lot to learn and discover new way of thinking, new way of designing games, and at least keep me open-minded.

(You can visit my blog about my experience in New-Zealand/Australia/Japan in the blog menu of my website)

Then I came back to France, and get back to some personal projects, ending games I made in Jams (A Grim End, for example), and taking some time to reconnect with my country. Here I was, ready to live many new experiences! I started looking for a job in September 2015, and found one a few weeks later.

I was about to join Ubisoft Annecy on StEEP (which wasn't announced at the moment) as Junior DevTester. I worked as a DevTester from January 2016 to December 2016. Then, I had the chance to continue the adventure for a couple of months, still as a DevTester, but also working on StEEP's Game Design on a few missions (mainly 3Cs). I finally ended my DevTest contract in end of March 2017 to start a new job as Junior Game Designer (still StEEP, so much love!) back in April 2017. My current main missions are 3Cs and Gameplay. So far, I had the chance to design all the new sports of StEEP since Winterfest DLC (Sled, Rocket Wingsuit, Speed Riding, Downhill, Super-G, Giant slalom, Slalom...) and a few gameplay and system features.

Video Games apart, I have a few passions in life. The first one is easy to get, I love travelling. I have a passion for drawing and writing, creating images to illustrate the worlds I'm describing. I also practice archery and krav maga as an hobbyist and go to the gym to complete my trainings.

Well, I think you know me a little better now ! Hope you'll have a nice moment on this website,
See ya ! 


These are my main skills. I ordered them by interest. You can find a more detailed version of my skills (including their knowledge/recommendation degree) on my LinkedIn profile.

ENGLISH (full professional proficiency)