ReWind – beginning of a new adventure!


ReWind – beginning of a new adventure!

Here is a quick post to launch the devblog, with « ReWind » project. So here is a quick pitch about this game :

ReWind is a 2D, Runner game. You are an old bird-like robot which reboot at the aftermath. This robot, named ReWind, will have to use his special ability to control time to discover what happened to humanity.
But he can’t just go to the beginning of these events. He will have to find key-points of the past, to be able to rewind more and more, till reaching the explication of the apocalypse, and avoid it.

The Unique characteristic of ReWind, is that unlike classical runner, you can control time by rewinding/forwarding during the run, influencing the controls of the character but also the objects/platforms.
The game is designed for PC, and should be ported to Android Phones. This last point is still to discuss, though.

As the first version of the Game Design Document is done, I’m creating a quick prototype of what the game should look like, but next step is finding some team members to work on this project!

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