Quick News : Release of an Artwork for Akhenaton & Aneeway Jones


Quick News : Release of an Artwork for Akhenaton & Aneeway Jones

Hey there!
It’s been a while, and I really have a too few moments available to write some news here…So here are the quick news :

  • I’ve created an artwork for a single track song for Aneeway Jones, Smoovth and…Akhenaton (take a look at the big picture in the Gallery)! I’m now able to share this artwork with you, as it has gone public a few weeks ago. Working on such a project was like a dream that became true. Aneeway Jones is a dear friend of mine, and Akhenaton a Rap living legend in France and worldwide so… Not too hard to imagine how happy I am…I really hope you’ll like this work (and of course the track itself, which is dope, promis!).
  • I’m working on a Picture Album that will group all of my journeys for the G.A.M.E. project. I’m considering creating a specific gallery on this website :)
  • My Unreal Engine 4 project is in a « Waiting » state right now, but dialogs need a particular attention and work in writing and voice acting as well!
  • I’m working on a new Game Design process for my future personnal projects (secret stuff for now!)

Here we are! Already time to say goodbye…I hope, as always, to find more time to write here, so see you next time! :)

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