Kitsune, spirit of the Kamis


The Kamis are three powerful gods. A thousand years after their last battle against the Darkness, the Kamis are deeply sleeping, trying to recover from their injuries.
This is the precise moment the Darkness choose to strike again.
Kitsune, messenger of the Kamis, will have to protect their Altars to save them and send the Darkness back in the Void.

Will you be fast enough?

In Kitsune, you’ll have to shapeshift into the three Kami forms in order to kill the 108 monsters sent by Darkness.
At the end, only the power of the three united will succeed in destroying the incoming Darkness.



Kitsune is a Jam entry for the 35th Ludum Dare. The Theme was « Shapeshifting ».

Shapeshift : The very goal of the game is to kill 108 monsters in order to send the Darkness back to the Void. To do so, Kitsune will have to activate Altars that contain the spirits of the Kamis. That way, he will shapeshift into the god’s proper form, and be able to defeat his opponents.

What is the story of the Game’s development?

We actually were a team of two people (Louis Denizet & I), plus a music composer. It was a remote-jam (thank you Skype and Dropbox), and this one was far more cahotic than the previous one. The cooperation work was good, and there was a good synergy between us, even if the Jam looked more like a Relay Race than a true « brainstorm together » one. But if you want to learn more about this Jam, I invite you to read the Post-Mortem on my DevBlog 😉

What was my Job ?

This time, I was on my own on the Game Design as well as the Art. I won’t be long for the Graphic-side of the game, as it came the easy way. As soon as I decided that the game would take place in a Japan-inspired universe, I had all of the Artistic Direction in mind. I decided to go for a Pixel Arted game, so I won’t have to spend much time on precise animations and graphic designs.

The Game Design part was far more interesting to me. Indeed, as Louis and I weren’t able to be directly in contact, I decided to use a new method to do Game Design. I would let the old-fashioned Game Design Document, and would go for a more User-centric document, with Moodboard to express the feelings the player should have, and scenarios to describe every events that should happen in the game.
This new way of designing turned out pretty well, as Louis understood all of the design (with only two calls in the entire Jam to collect propositions and take decisions on cutting edges). Of course, we lacked of brainstorm and iteration together, but it was due to an external constraint, so I’m not too disapointed about that.

At last, you will soon be able to read an article about this new design process on my blog. Stay tuned!



Credits :

Mathieu Clavel – Project Lead / Game Design / Graphic Design

Louis Denizet – Programing / Level Design

Benjamin Baldassini – Music Composer


Ratings (on 2870 entries) :
#381 Overall 3.40/5
#69   Graphics 4.36/5
#109 Mood 3.82/5
#86   Audio 3.84/5
#441 Innovation 3.18/5
#629 Fun 3.00/5
#776 Theme 3.00/5

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