Flowering Souls

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In Flowering Souls, you have to GROW a population of souls locked on earth. Will you manage to save them from darkness ?
Using some mystical stones, you’ll have to guide them for their safety, but also face and destroy the darkness minions who aim your destruction.




Flowering Souls is a Jam entry for the 34th Ludum Dare. There was two themes, and we decided to respect both : « Growing » & « Two Button controls ».

Growing : The very goal of the game is to « grow » a population of wandering souls. Once you got 25 souls, you’re powerful enough to erase darkness and win the game.
Two buttons controls : Left Click => Move souls to a stone | Right Click => Trigger stone effect


What is the story of the Game’s development?

We actually were a team of two people (Louis Denizet & I), plus a music composer. It was a remote-jam (thank you Skype and Google Drive), as we live a few hundred miles from each other. It was quite a smooth jam, with something like 6 hours of sleep per night, so we stayed efficient for the 72 hours. The cooperation work was good, and there was a good synergy between us. But if you want to learn more about this Jam, I invite you to read the Post-Mortem on my DevBlog 😉


What was my Job ?

We were a team of two Game Designer. Louis had a good handle on the software Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (the one I used for A Grim End, but trust me, the man is far more good at it), and I was more of the graphic guy. So we divided the work that way – We would design the game together, and keep talking about features, monsters, GPEs etc. I’d make all the graphic assets and animations, and he’d program the game.

It was actually really challenging to work with the theme « two button controls » as it forced us to think a complex gameplay with only two interactions. I’m really proud of what we have now with the Stones mechanics, and think that it creates a deep gameplay with many way of playing the game, depending on the player.

On a Graphic side, it was really important to me to add this kind of poetic, mystical touch to the game, to mix the « stressing » gameplay to a « relaxing » mood. Benjamin and Louis did an awesome job as well for the ambiance of the game.

At last, you can find a few shots of the traditionnal paperwork and some concepts of the early stages of development on my Post-Mortem again!


Credits :

Mathieu Clavel – Game Design / Level Design / Graphic Design

Louis Denizet – Game Design / Programing / Sound Design

Benjamin Baldassini – Music Composer


Ratings (on 2870 entries) :
#60 Overall 3.98/5
#55 Graphics 4.48/5
#41 Mood 4.14/5
#33 Audio 4.14/5
#130 Innovation 3.73/5
#215 Fun 3.50/5
#319 Theme 3.89/5

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