Dawn Experiments

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It’s a day like another. At dawn, the sun starts to rise up. 42, a tiny robot, awakes. It’s time to get out now. Well, at least try to.

Dawn Experiments is a puzzle game in which the simple goal is to go out of the Room you’re locked in.
Solving puzzles will always bring exit forward, but you may to use 42 as a piece of the puzzles, or even unsolve some of them to be able to solve some others.

Controls :
– Arrow keys to move
– Space Bar to interact with objects




Dawn Experiments is a Jam entry for the 37th Ludum Dare. The theme was « One Room ».

One Room : The goal was to create puzzles using the One Roome constraint as a tool for inovative mechanics. We decided to create a very modular space, so the puzzles would let place to experiment, and would also force the player use memory combined to reflexion.

We actually were a team of two people (Louis Denizet & I), plus a music composer/sound designer (Arthur Dos Santos). For this jam, we settled at my place and decided to work for the full three days. The jam went well, except for the last few hours where we faced some performance issues due to the dynamic lights. The cooperation work was good, and there was a good synergy between us (third jam as a team!). But if you want to learn more about this Jam, I invite you to read the Post-Mortem on my DevBlog 😉

What was my Job ?

We were a team of two. Louis still used Clickteam Fusion 2.5 as programing tool, and I sticked to the game design, level design and graphics. Once the major axis of the game were written, the most challenging part was to find a Level Design working with the DNA of the game, being modular and working like pieces of a puzzle that you can add and remove to see new patterns emerge. Again, you can learn more about the design process here, on my DevBlog.


Credits :

Mathieu Clavel – Game Design / Level Design / Graphic Design

Louis Denizet – Game Design / Programing / Sound Design

Arthur Dos Santos – Music / Sound Design

Ratings (2390 entries) :
#47 Overall 4.05/5
#81 Audio 3.89/5
#100 Mood 3.92/5
#126 Fun 3.74/5
#218 Innovation 3.55/5
#264 Theme 3.87/5
#297 Graphics 3.84/5

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