Boby Ultimate Rogue Exterminator 2013 Deluxe

 oct 08, 2015 - HTML5, Reflexion, Retro



  • 32 hours
  • Make a Commodore64 game
  • Limited Color palette
  • Limited Spritesheet (256×256)
  • Limited Sound sample (3sec)


Pierce Brosnan needs you! Disguised as a priest, he will have to destroy tanks with his holy grenades to escape the russian bunker…Boby Ultimate Rogue Exterminator has been created in the spirit of old games, with a top-down view and a die & retry logic. Oh, by the way. Try to find Big Boss’ box. I heard there was an interesting magazine hid inside.



Boby Ultimate Rogue Exterminator 2013 Deluxe (let’s call it B.U.R.E.) is a try on making a « reflexion » game, with several ways to finish each level.

It’s initially a Jam Game, made during the Retro Game Jam (2013). There was many rules :
– 32 hours to complete the game
– Limited color palet
– Making a game for Commodore 64
– Limited sound samples
– Limited Spritesheet

– [ Move with arrows and use a holy grenade with SPACE ! ] –

What was my Job ?

I actually made a part of the Game Design of the game. I made the 3C design, and the cameras’ interaction. I also made Level Design (level 4 & 5), and all the graphic design. Here are some pictures about my early development  concepts. For the Level Design, I used squares as units for the character movement (paper again!).

Credits :

Game/Level Design – Mathieu Clavel / Victor Grosclaude / Bastien de l’Hermite

Pixel Art – Mathieu Clavel //

Programming – Victor Grosclaude //

Sound Design – Bastien de l’Hermite



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