Blood Bowl 2

 oct 09, 2015 - Fantasy, Online, Sport, Strategy


First Released : 22 September 2015
PC / PS4 / Xbox One

Developped by Cyanide
Published by Focus Home Interactive
Genre : Sport / Strategy



Blood Bowl 2 is the sequel to Cyanide Studios’ 2009 faithful adaptation of Blood Bowl, American Football uniquely based on the Games Workshop boardgame. Jim and Bob of Cabalvision HD introduce an interactive world of sports, violence, team-management and league tournaments, broadcast across a range of richly detailed stadiums that you upgrade as your team grows more successful, filling your coffers.


I’ve joined the Blood Bowl team as a QA Tester. My role was to work closely to the developpement team, and be sure that all the complex rules of Blood Bowl were respected. I also worked on Bug Tracking and Localisation. But during my six months at Cyanide, I had the occasion to fullfil other missions.

Lead QA

Working with my QA Manager, I had the responsibility of managing three QA Testers. The task included creating some test processes, timetables, making meetings, reports and so on.

Game Design missions on the Solo Campaign

I also worked with a Game Designer of the team on the Solo Campaign. Our role was to make kind of a report about the fun in the Solo Campaign, and how to improve it. I also wrote a part of the tutorial textboxes.

AI Design : Strategy and Behaviours

I finally worked on the first steps of the AI of Blood Bowl 2. In collaboration with a programmer, I helped him creating different patterns and use of the rules, depending on the Race played by the AI. It was the first time I had the opportunity to work with XMind, and learn more about the programming logic.


Blood Bowl 2 is available on Steam / PS4 / Xbox One


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