Between Worlds

 oct 09, 2015 - Adventure, HTML5, Platformer, Retro, Shooter


You play a young witch trying to save the earth from the hellish kingdom of the one they name « Darkness ». The girl has the power to travel between earth and hell, and seems to be the only one who can save the world.

The player will have to be very careful, as Darkness’ Kingdom is far more dangerous than earth. Use your powers with parcimony, travelling from one world to another, and try to defeat evilness to save humanity.


I made Between Worlds alone during the 30th Ludum Dare. As I was alone on the project, and had only 35 hours to complete the project, it’s recommended to read the Read Me pdf, which include the tutorial that should have been implemented directly in the game.

What is the story of the game’s development?

I was working at Cyanide Studio, and the Ludum Dare was planned for a week-end. I joined a classmate a friend, Victor Grosclaude, and we decided to work at his place, each working on a different project. I played Risk of Rain a few times before this week-end, so I wanted to create a game with a similar feeling (dealing with illimited creatures, until you manage to reach the boss), but different mechanics. The theme was « Two Connected Worlds ». I imagined a game where the player has to deal with monsters, but never totally defeat them. Each time he kills a monster in a world, the entity is transfered to the other world. As the player will have to switch between these two worlds, he will have to think about how many monsters he wants to keep in this particular world, or the other.

What went good, what went wrong?

It was the first time I was programing a game by myself, without help. It was an achievement to complete this game. But at what cost? Indeed, the game lacks of an integrated tutorial. Of course, this one was planned, but as I was struggling with programing, I had no time for working on a tutorial, so I made a PDF to download with the game, with the tutorial that wasn’t « in ».

Here are a few pictures of my early concepts of the game, on paper as often (always?) :

Install instructions

It’s recommended to dowwnload and read the Read Me file, as this game is a Jam Game. The Read Me file include a tutorial that should have been ingame.



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