A Grim End


Your name is Taraki, the Dreamer. After « waking up » in an unknown place, you’ll have to discover what’s happening to you. Helped by Kaitiakis, four Forest’s spirits, will you find out an exit from this dreamed adventure ?


A Grim End is a try on making a modular story based on the player’s choices, with many different ways to complete it. Hope you’ll all enjoy!

It’s initially a Jam Game, made during the Global Game Jam in Auckland (2015). All the graphic assets were made during this jam, and so were the texts.The programmation as been entirely made after the Jam (between 5th and 30th of September 2015).

– [ Move with arrows (left/right) and jump with Shift ! ] –


What is the story of the Game’s development?

It was actually the first Jam I made speaking only english, as I did it in Auckland (for the « Global Game Jam 2015 »). I had the opportunity to Lead the project, and was the only Game Designer of our group.

We had first to make a choice on the type of game we wanted to create. We were a team of 1 programer (beginner), 3 artists (confirmed), and 1 game designer (me). I quickly had the idea that the game should focus on visuals, and story (even if it’s a Jam game), because of our team composition. But how could we twist the classic platform game with cool design ? So I proposed to make only a few rooms, but with a high replay value. The story would change depending on the player’s choices, and he would discover new events each time he plays the game.

If you want to learn more about this experience, and how it turned out, you can take a look at my blog G.A.M.E.

Then, well, the game wasn’t finish at the end of the Game Jam, so I kept it in mind and decided to start the programing side from scratch later. I made it by myself, with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, between 4th of September and 1st of October 2015.


What was my Job ?

I actually made the Game Design of the game. I also wrote the scenario and texts, made the level design, and created the system of level combination. Here are a few pictures of my first steps on paper (including story, level designs and level combination system) :

Credits :

Game / Narrative / Level Designer & Programing – Mathieu Clavel

Art Director / Character Designer – Ryan McQuarters

Level / Cover Artist – Yen Ju Lee

2D Animator – Mabasa Jethro



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