Learning Unreal Engine 4 : session 7 (From Gameplay demo to Game)


Learning Unreal Engine 4 : session 7 (From Gameplay demo to Game)

Hello there! It’s been a while (again), since my last post on this blog. I just looked at my calendar, and saw we already were the 7th of December, and was like « WHAT ?! »…Anyway, I owe you some news, so here they are :

  • The 5mn Gameplay demo isn’t anymore…
  • …Because it’s a nearly 15mn full game that is coming to you
  • And it’s coming for January at last!

So what about this game ? It’s a short experience that came out from the demo I was working on. I can’t tell you much about the features (but you already saw some of them ;)), because of the very nature of the game, which is meant to stay secret until you play it :) I can only give you a few screenshots, and a new info : I’m in touch with a Voice Over actor, and I’m currently writing the text for him. On the Gameplay side, the game is almost finished, and the polishing phase will start soon. One of the biggest things left is the sounds/voice implementation, and a lag issue due to the size of the game (which is becoming too big for my poor laptop :(…).



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