Learning Unreal Engine 4 : session 3 (Flickering Light, Dark room and doors again!)

Hi there! Here are my last session’s progresses : Create a new level from scratch Add some elements to it Open doors with physics (using the previous « gravity gun »…or not!) Flickering Light (halloween stuff!) When I ended my sound addition […]


Learning Unreal Engine 4 : session 2 (about doors and gravity gun)

Hi there! Here are my last session’s progresses : Trigger Events with a collision box Pickable objects (like a key) Basic Matinee Playing sounds Key-locked door system Gravity gun The last one is far from being mastered. I followed a […]


Learning Unreal Engine 4 : session 1

Today I started to work on Unreal Engine 4. It’s the very first time I’m using a 3D engine on my own, and of course the first time I use Blueprint. To me, the best way to learn new softwares […]


Learning Unreal Engine 4

A quick article about Unreal Engine 4, which I’m actually studying. I’ve got a couple of objectives with this engine : Learning the Blueprint System Working on 3D Level Design Making a short prototype of game about gravity using premade […]


ReWind – beginning of a new adventure!

Here is a quick post to launch the devblog, with « ReWind » project. So here is a quick pitch about this game : ReWind is a 2D, Runner game. You are an old bird-like robot which reboot at the aftermath. This […]


Hello World!

Hey there, and welcome to my blog! Let me tell you about the structure of this part of the website. For now, I think this blog will have three categories : DevBlog, with articles talking about the developpement of my […]