Learning Unreal Engine 4 : session 1


Learning Unreal Engine 4 : session 1

Today I started to work on Unreal Engine 4. It’s the very first time I’m using a 3D engine on my own, and of course the first time I use Blueprint. To me, the best way to learn new softwares and engines is to practice, so I decided to start with a First Person Shooter. Here are the few steps of my first day of learning :

  • Creating a FPS from the Third Person Shooter base of UE4
  • Working on the movement and feeling (sprint with stamina bar)
  • Creating a Flashlight thanks to great Youtube tutorials

I stopped my daily work just before learning how to import props and how to create collision boxes and interactions with objects. Keeping this for the next session! You can have a quick look at what it looks like for now…


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